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The Fitting Process

The greatest causes of foot problems are due to wearing faulty or ill-fitting shoes. Many foot care experts warn that poorly fitting shoes can lead to problems such as bunions, corns, calluses, and hammertoes. Therefore, proper fitting shoes should be the first step in taking care of your feet.

Unfortunately, as far as sizing is concerned there is no industry standard.  If you’ve worn more than one brand of shoes you’ve probably noticed this phenomenon. This makes finding a good fitting shoe more difficult, but that’s where we can help.

Fit is a function of length, width, and shape. We are able to provide a superior fit to our customers because we take the time to measure each foot utilizing a Brannock device or I-Step Scanning Device.  Since we stock a wide variety of shoes in multiple widths, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in obtaining the best fit.  A shoe will not function properly if does not fit properly.

Comfort = Fit + Function

When fitting shoes determining the best size is obviously important, but if the shoe does not function well it will not be comfortable.  In order for a shoe to function properly it needs to be designed in accordance with a person’s specific foot type.  Some people have “flat” or pronated feet and need a more stable or supportive shoe.  Other people have “high” or rigid arches and typically do better in a shoe that offers more cushioning.  These foot types are the extremes and usually are the most challenging to fit, but by utilizing an I-Step Scanning Device and by observing gait patterns our staff can successfully determine your foot type, and therefore assist you in finding a shoe that will function more efficiently for your foot type.


We carry many lines of over-the-counter pre-fabricated orthotics and arch supports that can help your feet feel better. Such inserts are designed to distribute your weight and pressure more evenly across your foot. We can also customize these inserts to help with many common foot problems. We utilize advanced computerized scanning technologies to determine the optimum solution for people experiencing common foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, fallen arches, metatarsal problems, and neuromas.

Custom Shoe Alterations

Some people need specific custom shoe alterations to alleviate the pain associated with certain medical conditions.  We perform customized shoe lifts, heel and sole wedging and rocker-bottom sole installation, just to name a few.  Your doctor can help you determine if such an alteration is needed.  

Foot Pain?

Diabetic shoes

We also carry diabetic shoes and are able to provide these shoes to our customers at no charge if they are a qualified Medicare Part B participant. Please call (843) 556-6522 for an appointment to obtain these shoes via Medicare Part B.

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